Yatsugatake Ashram In Japan

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new Ashram in Yatsugatake area which is supposed to be very spiritual and sanctified area in Japan. The activities at the ashram of this year are as follows.

  1. Personal Retreat: Any BKY initiates are welcome to stay with very reasonable room charge (Please see below) whenever we do not have any following seminars. Breakfast and supper (both vegan) are also available.
  2. Free Hatha Yoga Class: Every second Wednesday starting at 2:00 PM.
  3. Sat sang (SS herein after): Every second Saturday starting at 2:30 PM. ‘Grace Course’ text will be used. Any initiates may join SS via LINE TV conference from remote area.
  4. First Initiation Seminar: Planned on July 23/24(Led by Vasudeva). The special room rate will be applied for the participants.
  5. Second Initiation Seminar: July 1/2/3(Led by Nagaraj). This seminar will be a group retreat and cost \49,000 including room and food (breakfast and supper) charges.
  6. Group Retreat: Aug 5/6/7(Led by Vasudeva) for initiates plus option to stay until Aug 12. Non initiates can join from Aug 5 thru 12.


Yatsugatake Ashram In Japan


Yatsugatake Ashram In Japan


Address: 8240-4630 Nishi-Ide, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture Japan

Access: Nearest Japan Railway station is Kai-Oizumi, Highway bus is also available from Shinjuku bus terminal. Nagasaka Takane is the nearest bus-stop

Rate structure: For Initiates: Yen5,500 for single use, Yen6,600 for a couple Non Initiates: Yen7,700 for single use, Yen11,000 for a couple Food Service: Yen660 for breakfast, Yen1,320 for supper

・Nagaraj  lightonejp
・Vasudeva  wyatt999   or 81-90-8777-2664

            ・Yoshie Kakiuchi  seishuucenter or 81-80-4404-4630


By Vasudeva







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