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Jennifer Ellis

~~This is based on Jennifer’s personal experience, after participating in the initiation seminar of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.

For those of us who are on our yogic path to spiritual freedom, many may have come up against a point of stasis, finding it difficult to somehow push through to higher levels of understanding, in-spite of a consciously diligent commitment to our practices.

I, like many others I suspect, have experienced and learnt several different forms of yoga within the broad scope that is Yoga, yet I have somehow lacked the wherewithal on how to integrate these varying aspects into a meaningful and effective yogic practice or methodology.

So it was an enormous privilege to have been able to attend a seminar with initiation into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, as the first of a series of three levels, in London, at a weekend in September 2013, and to learn from a highly informed and gifted teacher some of the more subtle and esoteric aspects of yoga. I now look forward to practicing towards the second initiation at the appropriate time.

The Acharya’s teaching of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga techniques has been insightful and illuminating with his unreserved commitment and compassionate teaching, and ability to merge in an effective and precise way, my earlier disparate yoga practices into a unified whole. This has enabled me to further deepen my practice on my chosen path to self-knowledge. He is highly adept at introducing powerful techniques and practices in a way that is both accessible and attainable to non-adepts without diluting the essence of the Kriya Yoga practices.

In my recent experience, I have found that Kriya Yoga is the fullest flowering of yogic practices that integrates the broadest possible techniques and yoga philosophy into a cohesive and effective practice – a yoga practice offered as a living experience.

Kriya Yoga is a science and an art, developed by ancient eastern sages and mystics, and is based on the deep knowledge about the human mind body system. It offers a timeless and precise way of enabling each of us to move beyond our belief concepts and our conditioned and mechanical ways of behaviour and to overcome the limitations we have placed upon ourselves, so that we are able to unfold and experience our true potential as Humans. In effect, to liberate ourselves from all that holds us back.

The Acharya beautifully encapsulated the meaning of Kriya Yoga as comprising of two wings, the awakening of consciousness and the awakening of energy within, which merge as two sides of the same coin into our full human potential conscious power.

About Kriya and Karma Kriya Yoga is conscious creation, deliberate action with awareness, whereby our directed attention and focused awareness leads to an inner exploration of our being and in turn, allows for expanded consciousness and for unfolding our full human potential power. ‘Kri’ as part of the word Kriya means action, ‘ya’ means with awareness, action undertaken with an intention to unite the Breath (life force) and the Self – energy and consciousness. Karma means in effect ‘action with consequence’, whether it be physical or psychological, mental or energetic, born out of a default way of response, a default mechanism of nature, to drive the mind body system within nature and ensure its survival, based on the law of ‘cause and effect’. As we react (i.e. “re-act”) out of an automatic response based on our past programming of childhood, society or even pre-birth experiences, invariably this is a reflection of our past conditioning and our belief concepts, projected into the future. As a result, we re-create our past experience into our future.

Kriya Yoga offers techniques that ensure we become mindful in how we think, feel and speak and in our attitude and behaviour, whether in thoughts, words or actions. In contrast to karmic patterns, action done in awareness enables us to act in life out of deliberate intent. We cultivate our natural ability to distinguish the five bodies (“sheaths”) of our mind body vehicle (physical body, vital body, mental body, intellectual body, spiritual body), and our ability to receive inner insight and inspiration as the driving force and foundation for our action. Constant interaction of the breath and the Self with awareness brings about a spaciousness that allows for transformation and expanding our degrees of freedom of choice. Kriya is about expansion, purification and transformation. It is using the power of intention to manifest and to unfold the dormant faculties and the amazing tools of our mind body system. The result is that through sincere intention and focus, the Infinite or Universal Consciousness is responsive, leading to a change in the vibratory field within us and around us. Eventually, our environment will respond within the law of attraction and of energetic field resonance, and our experience will change according to our own vibratory reality.

Our life experience becomes one of magnetic resonance and natural ease. That is why to create is liberating, it sets you free to be who you really are, guided by your genuine heart intentions and by the Highest guidance and wisdom within.

About Pranayama and Kundalini

A key tool in the practices is “Kriya Kundalini Pranayama”, which entails using the breath for Pranayama but in a way that is focused and directed in order to move our Prana (life-force) around the body-mind-system. Those Pranayama techniques are not just simply breathing exercises, but a sophisticated holistic deeply devotional inner practice. There is a direct connection between consciousness and energy, and therefore the power of the Kriya Kundalini Pranayama is amplified as our concentration deepens. As all Yoga practice is in general, Kriya Kundalini Pranayama practice in particular is designed to lead the body mind system into the energetic state of “satva” bringing about balance and equanimity – we are awake and present, active yet calm. And it is only when one is in this state that one opens up to transformation. By raising our consciousness we experience little glimpses of our pure potential transformative energy, the power of Consciousness – this is the awakening of the Kundalini.

In summary, Action with Awareness, directed by deliberate focused intention, involving the interaction of breath and the Self, is Kriya. And it is within this capacity that Kundalini energy is awakened, rises to unite with consciousness, allowing for spaciousness in order for transformation to take place. Our subtle energy powers are awakened and allowed to develop and unfold the faculties of our human body and mind - our true birth’s heritage as incarnated human beings on this planet.

Kriya is then the root of everything and its aim of bringing about that integration, whereby we are liberated from all that holds us back from achieving our true potential. This process is self-empowering. The ultimate aim of Kriya is to assist us in our Self-evolution and Self-realization.

About Kriya and Direct Experience

I feel that my energy, health and consciousness is amplified through the practice. By harnessing my breath, the practice of Kriya Yoga has made me mindful of how it works on my physical, psycho-emotional and mental planes. These techniques have drawn my attention to not only the gross physical level, but also to subtle energetic states within, and how to further evolve and strengthen them, so that my ability to perceive sharpens on all levels and I can attain higher states of consciousness.

Our intention is paramount in directing the awareness to the perspective of a “witness consciousness” within. The practice of this yogic sadhana becomes the vehicle to help drive us forward. But the techniques lead no-where if we are not mindful in how we attend to and practice them. It is through deliberate directed Awareness and Self-awareness that we are able to move forward with purpose and to experience the truth of what we are.

I have noted, as with all practices, especially the powerful Kriya techniques, that commitment and consistency in my practice is essential, in order to properly prepare my mind, body and nervous system for transformation to take place. The Acharya shared with us in an uncomplicated way traditional Kriya Kundalini Pranayama techniques, Meditation and Asana techniques – and continuously reminded us that ever anew attention and awareness is required to be brought into each and every practice we do, so that we are always mindful whether focusing on asana, Pranayama, meditation or devotional practice, or on our daily life routine activity or on challenging life situations.

What has Kriya Yoga revealed to me? That it is a living practice, one that can only be understood through direct inner experience. Neither books nor theoretical concepts can do justice to the personal inner experience. And to fully appreciate Kriya Yoga’s true reach and potential requires that the student approaches the practice with heartfelt sincerity in order to realise how beautiful and powerfully transformative the Kriya Yoga practice is.

I thank the Acharya for guiding me through my experience of the initiation into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga. It was a joyful experience that continues to live within me

Jennifer’s journey into yoga began 20 years ago. She teaches in order to share with others the infinity of Yoga, in its physical and meditative dimensions, and as a way to choose how to live one’s Life. Jennifer has a teaching practice in London (Yoga As Life).

Jennifer Ellis


Ali Gunning

~~ This is based on Ali’s personal experience, after participating in - Babaji’s Kriya Yoga 1st and 2nd Initiations.

Yoga reconnects us with the fact that we already have fullness within –many people feel a sense of coming home. Often the tricky thing is not realising this but integrating it into everyday life. This is a problem that Kriya Yoga – “Action with Awareness” – seeks to answer. Made famous by 'Autobiography of a Yogi', this integral system of Yoga, revived by Satguru Babaji Nagaraj, from ancient sources, enhances our 'being in the world', rather than its avoidance.

Kriya Yoga is taught only in the traditional manner of “initiation,” in a progressive series of seminars. Through the regular practise of the techniques, known as “kriyas,” you realize your true Self, and how to live from this new perspective continuously within the world. But first you have to find out who you are, and aren't, which is why “sadhana,” or regular practice of the of the prescribed Kriya techniques is necessary.

The 1st initiation itself is a biggie and may blow away many of your beliefs and cynicisms. It covers a lot of groundwork: a delicious two days of Kriya kundalini pranayama breathing, seven dhyana meditation kriyas, philosophy and learning the 18 key asanas. There is a daily practise schedule to take home. If you already have a strong self practise, whatever that may be, Kriya Yoga can be integrated into any style of Yoga or belief system.

The 2nd initiation teaches you “how to make your life your Yoga.” You will learn many new Kriya techniques involving the breath, meditation in daily life and during sleep, bandhams (muscular locks to awaken the chakras and kundalini) and also mantra diksha – the transmission of a personal mantra and mantras for the chakras. After a full 24 hours of silence, you will participate in a fire ceremony with chanting, to purify yourself, invoke the Satguru, Babaji and to empower a personal intention. During this weekend retreat and initiation you will learn how to integrate Yoga’s practices and teachings into the life of the family, work and routine activities. Because its teachings open the door to continuous awareness and bring about a powerful shift in perspective, anyone committing to them can expect a transformation of their life.

Babaji's “Five fold path” of Kriya Yoga includes: Kriya Hatha Yoga, Kriya Kundalini Pranayama, Kriya Dhyana Yoga, Kriya Mantra Yoga and Kriya Bhakti Yoga. Their practise brings about an integrated development of the individual in all five planes of existence: physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual. Their practise creates a wise balance in our lives, with a strong healthy body (through the practice of the 18 asanas, for example) which prepares us for the awakening of our potential power and consciousness, kundalini, a calm, purified mind and elevated consciousness through meditation, and a grounding in the here-and-now. Babaji’s teachings promise us peace, happiness and truth of who we are through the practice of Kriya Yoga. It has been described as a fast-route to Self realisation, or a 'master key' for humanity.

Kriya Yoga adds to our lives a wonderful inner dimension. Its benefits quickly become evident. Its full potential may require years to fully appreciate. Through its practise, we can also change our energetic 'frequency' and attract people and situations with fortuitous synchronicity.

How does this happen? “Kriya” means “action with awareness.” It is the antidote to “Karma,” which is “action (or word or thought) with consequences.” By “letting go” of our mind's habitual responses, we can then act with awareness instead of reacting with old habitual patterns. We also learn to transform negative emotions such as fear into positive ones, such as unconditional love. And once we approach life from a new perspective it automatically reflects back in our experience; we are able to re-balance and re-direct energies from the pre-occupations of the ego to a aspiration of the higher Self.

The most powerful thing about Kriya Yoga is that it changes us from the inside, so there is no sense of rebellion against 'rules'. We can learn to be honest, remove egoistic self serving impulses and become aligned with the wisdom of our higher Self.

Practising Kriya is like taking a candle away from the draft for a few precious moments every day: everything slows down, we burn through life slower and appreciate its authentic flavour. As an integral path, we don't just 'do' Yoga on a mat or prop: every situation, every moment of our lives - whether sleeping, eating, working becomes our Yoga mat.


Ali (Piriamvada) teaches akhanda and kundalini yoga and gong meditation in East London and travels regularly to India for inspiration. She has completed Level I and II Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Initiations in India with Yogacharya Satyananda. You can find her schedule and follow her blogs about yoga and life on her narrow boat Bokissa at (

Ali Gunning


Grace & gratitude - my experience of Babaji's Kriya Yoga third initiation
by Ali Gunning

The privilege of attending the third initiation of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga sunk in for me, and I felt many of the group, during the second day of this nine day intensive programme. In a beautiful ceremony we pledged our commitment to Babaji; to our sadhana and seva. The energy was rich, devotional and from then onwards I felt the constant, supportive presence of Guru.

The tradition

Babaji gifted this holistic system of yoga and personal transformation to the wider world via Yogi Ramaiah and Marshall Govindan Satchitananda. Initiations one and two are offered widely by a dedicated order of acharyas including our guide Satyananda, and a global family of kriyabans grows steadily.

Yet few have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in all 144 techniques of the third initiation. Let alone in a magical, sacred setting (The School of Ancient Wisdom) where Siddha Agastya once sat. For me the wait had been four or five years, the opportunity just not falling into place - or perhaps I had some lessons in patience to complete!

Kriya yoga springs from a great tradition of ‘Siddhas’, perfected beings who as scholars, tantric masters, poets, mystics and medics extended their influence throughout Indian and even Chinese culture. Not only do we have Babaji to contact for guidance, the third initiation offers beautiful tools to ‘access’ wisdom from the likes of Patanjali, Agastya and Boganathar.

The sadhana

The tradition is there, because it works. Kriya yoga is not about following a set of techniques or rituals because we are told to. Nor does it offer hierarchies, dramatic experiences or magic pills. The sadhana (dedicated practise) is the ultimate teacher and its aim is freedom - self empowerment on the journey towards Self. We take responsibility for our karma and transform it through Kriya.

This was without a doubt the most intense and beautiful retreat I have undertaken and has replenished my reserves for many days and months to come. Satyananda shares with clarity, compassion and insight, as a clear channel for the teaching and an example of how we may act in service, rather than from the ego. The sadhana is offered across many layers so that we absorb and integrate it’s essence right down to the cellular level.

The intellect is awakened and inspired through lectures and philosophy, exploring that of Patanjali and the Siddhas. The mind is stilled and purified through many types of meditation and mantra diksha. Each day we create space through mindful asana practise, cleaning the ‘temple’, preparing the body to be a divine vessel. There is healing breathwork as well a deeper, symbolic understanding of the kundalini Kriya pranayamas - preparing the Nadis and purifying the subtle body. And we open our hearts through Puja, Yagna (fire ceremony) and direct connection with Babaji.

In addition to expanding the Chakra work begun in the second initiation - balancing the energy centres through meditation, bija mantra and movement - we explore the Dwaras (the 9 body openings). Purification leads to greater sensitivity of the subtle body and a deeper understanding of pratyahara (the fifth yogic limb, withdrawal of the senses).

Alongside the practical elements of the retreat are opportunities to self reflect through conscious journaling. As Yogi Ramaiah insisted ‘practise, practise, practise - record, record, record’!

Waves of tiredness, bliss, playfulness passed through the group as we processed samskaras (subconscious patterns) through intensive tapas and the interactions of living in a yogic community. Tapas is the fire of purification and we cannot hope to transcend to the realms of the siddhas without first preparing the ground of our minds and bodies, bringing them into sattva guna (the state of lightness and balance). We are tested in personal and shared ways - the early starts, the pain of sitting, periods of mauna (silence).

Kriya is not just the practise itself but its intention and observation. Not just taking a vow of mauna because that’s part of the retreat but studying, feeling the effect of entering and leaving the silence, using it to draw towards an inner silence.

Yoga - union

Babaji’s Kriya yoga offers a unique combination of inner alchemy and action with awareness - which from the second initiation onwards becomes constant sadhana in daily life. Rotating the third initiation Kriyas offers us a vast toolkit for transformation. Approaching our growth essentially from both the ‘bottom up’ and ‘top down’ means that our realisations are embodied and grounded in the world. While awakened energies are held in a space of humility and witnessing that opens us to receiving grace. The perfect union of Shiva and Shakti.

With the support of Guru we begin to see the divine in everything; the whisper of the breeze through the tropical plants, the shining eyes of our fellow sadhaks and ultimately within ourselves. The silence in the hall becomes deeper each day, our meditations longer, without forcing, as we move towards the final days of the Samadhi Kriyas. At times I felt as if being fed through Babajis ego shredder machine, at others that I was floating freely in layers of silence.

Integration into life

BabajiMy sadhana of late had become more about ‘just sitting’ and I was a little nervous (and resistant) about getting back into a structured programme. But these nine days reminded me the importance of taking regular time out for intensive practise, silence, sangha (spiritual community). As Satya reminds us ‘we train our weapons in peace time’ - we move deeper and that depth sustains us through the ups and downs of life and the times when our ability to practise is challenged.

The third initiation invites you to deepen your sadhana, your devotion, your ability to create and your sense of surrender. The unfolding continues as we take the energy of this experience out into our world with renewed awareness. I remain eternally grateful for this opportunity to receive, share, grow. Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum!


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Ali Gunning


Marina Kapur

Kriya Yoga – through the looking glass of an initiate and volunteer
by Marina Kapur

Click here for article - Reflections on Kriya Yoga Initiation & Sadhana

Time to time, we ask ourselves, why am I here, what is the best thing for me, how can I be happy, healthy, successful, be at peace, be a better person and still fulfil my responsibilities to myself, my family, my work and the world?

As I support business leaders, their companies and their families, to navigate through business, society and life in a manner that reflects their passion, purpose and priorities, this is a question that is often raised. My response is, “start with your truth.” To live in truth needs an understanding of Who I Am. The starting point is self realization and self awareness, on which conscious creation is built with mindfulness and self mastery. When I know myself, I can lead myself, I can make a difference. I have been practicing hatha yoga since 1995. In reading Autobiography of a Yogi many years ago, I recognized Mahavatar Kriya Babaji and wanted to experience the original ancient Kriya Yoga. This dream (like so many others) came true - I completed my initiation into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga in 2011 with Yogacharya Satyananda.

What a Gift! Kriya Yoga wrapped up all my learning of Raja Yoga with Brahma Kumaris, Sudarshan Kriya and Padmasadhana with Art of Living, Isha Yoga with the Isha Foundation, training in Power to Create with Landmark Education and Self Management Leadership with Oxford Leadership Academy, as well as Kundalini Yoga and Tibetan Yoga practices, which are effective in their own right, yet Kriya Yoga is powerful beyond words. Receiving the first initiation inspired me to continue with the second initiation seminar, and I now look forward to the advanced third initiation - to continue deeper into the journey, to meet Myself and my Creator.

Like other volunteers, I help organize Initiation programs and have participated in programs in Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi, Munich and London. Each time the experience has been beautiful and different. Now I understand why it has not been written about in detail – because “words do not capture its magic”.

Many Kriya initiates experienced and describe “deep healing” and cleansing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Love and faith and mindful action with awareness replace fear, greed and unconscious automatic response of behavior. We get the confidence, power and courage to make brave decisions, supported by a heightened level of awareness, vital energy, inspiration and inner guidance, creativity, belongingness and a new sense of well-being, which makes us feel safe and secure that no matter what “all is well”.

Was there any conflict between Kriya Yoga and other spiritual practices? No, if anything. Babaji’s Kriya Yoga is a holistic, integral approach, without compelling to any religious denomination, a “scientific art” and a purely spiritual practice, which discloses the secret ancient teaching of the Yoga Siddhas to us in modern daily life, and combines sacred rituals of body postures (hatha yoga), conscious breathing (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), chanting mantras (bhakti yoga), silence (mauna), realization of truth (jnana yoga), and realization of Self (samadhi).

Was there a conflict between Gurus? No, not at all! Actually, I feel that my earlier Gurus brought me to Mahavatar Kriya Babaji, and Babaji is preparing me to align with the Creator. No one is asked to withdraw from a personal Guru or a tradition one is committed to, there is no requirement to take Kriya Babaji as “one’s only” Guru. Rather, we are taught and guided to identify, realize and become one with Guru within us.

Was there a conflict between any fitness requirements and my state of health? No, not at all, everyone does as much as is individually possible for them at each moment.

Like my co-participants, I am fortunate to have had Yogacharya Satyananda as my physical guide at one moment of time during my journey Home. However, when I first saw him, I saw a youthful yet ordinary-European looking man, without features one would “expect” to see when meeting a spiritual teacher of a traditional guru lineage from India - no long white beard, no orange robe, no garland, just in traditional acharya clothing, and definitely with no “guru attitude”, and I questioned how effective his teaching would be. Yet, like others, I was pleasantly surprised that my apprehension was unjustified. On the contrary, many of us thought afterwards, “we could not have asked for a better guide”. We saw, how his diligent, precise and patient “teaching is whole and complete”, the way he “blends his knowledge of ancient Indian traditions, other belief systems and modern Western metaphysical science, makes you realize that the Kriya Yoga path really is a Universal practice”, not limited to a religion, a sect, an “ism”, nor that it is any fashionable fad. With a fresh, vivid clarity and simplicity, he brings together and illustrates concepts, methods of practice, background philosophy and yogic science, purpose and benefits, differences and similarities to other traditions, so that “the holistic manner in which he integrates the What, How and Why removes doubts, and answers even unasked questions.” Satyananda’s openness to generously share his wisdom with a “genuinely sincere, humble and modest” attitude, makes Kriya Yoga “appealing, accessible and applicable” to all; his “innocent humor makes the journey lighter”. And because of that lightness, it makes it possible for us to go deeper still. I believe, that is because he provides an authentic space for powerful inner experience – if we allow it, and because he is detached from the outcome - he realizes, each one of us will find our path to our personal truth at our speed and time, yet for sure, each one of us receives the gift of being touched in our heart, a glimpse of truth, a spark and a sense of hope.

The spiritual light awakens souls to their own inner beauty.

To me, Satyananda is a practical example and inspiration of how our spiritual light works through all of us. His presence, attitude and message are reflected in these quotes he frequently uses, “Whatever contains fear cannot ever be Truth”, and “Nothing real can be threatened – Nothing unreal exists”, have profoundly influenced my outlook on truth, reality, trust and inner peace. In organizing his programs, I have witnessed Satyananda’s attitude of compassion and gratitude. Whilst I got angry and upset about poor teaching conditions he has to tolerate outside Europe, he remained non-judgmental and accepting. Still, I wonder how we, the participants and volunteers, can reciprocate his devotion and commitment to us? If he can leave his privileged profession as a certified psychotherapist and psychologist to serve us, why can’t we be more aware and responsible in the way we ensure best teaching conditions for us? Babaji selects people to be our guides – these beings are gifts to humanity. Therefore, like my fellow volunteers, I am grateful of the opportunity to serve Babaji by assisting also Satyananda. As Karthik, in Singapore says, “being a volunteer gives me immense satisfaction, and deepens my sadhana through karma yoga.” This passion to serve is shared by, for example Adya, Ashish, Bala, Celia, Jayanth, Joy, Narayani, Narsimhan, Neel, Neschay, Sandeep, Sanjay, Subbiah, Sunil, Tarun, Vimala, Vinod, whom I personally know of, as well as other volunteers worldwide.

As I write this, I understand why Satyananda does not consider it important to write stories about himself and his life. He does not seek celebrity, guru or special status – ways to fall into ego games, although his knowledge, insight and wisdom are deep. His way of speaking illustrates he is aware that he serves as a channel and messenger for the highest teaching and The Great Teacher. His love of solitude and inner silence (in spite of having to constantly speak) reminds me of one of his favorite quotes from Kabir:

I was looking for myself. And I found no self. I am no more. The dew drop is disappearing into the ocean.

I realize that there is much more that we can learn. Yet I am reminded of Satyananda’s words, “Don’t believe me, find it yourself to be true, experience it yourself.” Thank you, Satyananda – we will! Marina.

(Quotes of other students set in italics)

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Marina Kapur


October 31st to November 7th, 2014

I would like to share some of the miracles experienced on this loving Divine Pilgrimage organized by Mr. Vinod and Ms. Krishnaveni.

Miracle of Weather

During the whole trip we experienced sunny, pleasant winds and little sprinkles of shower. Custom tailored weather wherever we were while everywhere else it was pouring heavily.

Miracle of Group

The group came together and introduced themselves and we had a satsang. The ashram was simple and sparkling clean with high vibrations. The group atmosphere was filled with gentleness, innocence and delightfulness to partake in Babaji’s journey.

Miracle of seeing the Tooth Relic

Initially when we went inside the Temple of Tooth, it was very crowded and we managed to squeeze through and place the flower for offering. Then we left and meditated outside. We went in the second time and were standing near the shrine area which was closed. One Security personnel caught my eye and beckoned me to quickly go inside the rope area, I waved my hand to others to join me, and within seconds the curtain opened and I got a heartfelt view of the Tooth Relic face to face. Within a minute, the curtain closed. It was a miracle and a privilege to be there at that particular moment and had I not caught the eye of the security guard, we would have missed the experience.

Miracle of Pinnawala Angels

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage: We were greeted by three sincere Angels smiling with loving eyes greeting us with warmth. Took us to a restaurant overlooking nature to have fresh avodado juice. Then they took us inside the Elephant grounds. With so much affection, I was able to bottle feed a baby elephant, feed another elephant some fruits and hug a big elephant with a herd close by. There were so many elephants close to us and yet it felt safe and serene. Then we were escorted to a lovely restaurant overlooking the river for elephant bathing. Lunch was delicious. We watched the elephants bathing and frolicking with each other. What an experience! On leaving Kandy the next morning, our Angel drove from the Elephant Orphanage to Kandy to give us all a souvenir and say bye. His eyes were beaming with divinity and love. We were truly loved and pampered.

Miracle of Hanuman’s Divine Hand

Nuwara Elia: Here Vinod and Krishnaveni shared with me that Hanuman was still alive on earth and helping mankind. I was deeply touched when I saw his footprints and prostrated at his feet. Then a thought came that I would like to sprinkle the holy water on his feet. I leaned towards the waterfall to get some water in my palm and my foot slipped and gently landed in a full prostration pose at a 60 degree angle on the fall. I had no foot or hand support and stayed completely still as the waterfall water sprayed on my head. I felt light as a feather and was very calm. In a short time, Bala put his foot as support that I could use and Vinod extended his hand and pulled me out. It was a miracle that I got drenched in the holy water and was held by Divine Hands (proof that Hanuman is alive) otherwise it would have been a big boo boo. I was able to get water from another side and perform Padapooja.

Miracle of Babaji's Feet

Katirgama: In the evening at the spot of Babji’s enlightenment after meditation, we had the privilege of the priest opening the door, lighting diya and offering coconut, we were blessed to go inside and touch Babaji’s feet.

Miracle of Babaji’s Presence

The Abhisekha experience at the Ashram was sublime, words cannot do justice to the experience and the beauty except that I was in tears and deeply moved. The lunch Prasad was delicious. I spent time meditating and enjoying the sereneness as I soaked my feet in the holy river.

Miracle of Group Spirit

We spent time doing bhajans in front of Babaji at Katiragama Temple – the joy and delight was that we all had a sharing group mindset and wanted to add value to the moment. Even I sang a simple bhajan ?. The rest of the evening at the Temple was delightful. In the morning we did sacred fire ritual and meditated. Thank you Babaji for your blessings.

Miracle of Nature

We drove to Hikkaduwa and as we approached it rained heavily for 5 minutes and immediately cleared up sunny for us to enjoy the beach. We all played in the water, swam, floated. It felt like the waves were dancing and playing with us. We experienced purple clouds and soon after the whole sky turned golden orange…..breathtaking view.

We experienced sighting many monitor lizards ranging from 2 to 4 feet crossing the road or walking on the side of the road.

We witnessed seeing full moon golden orange at 5 am.  Then Krishnaven, Mukul, Monali, Bala and I went for a morning walk on the beach. We had the privilege of playing, feeding, hugging two large tortoise for over an hour.  Nature at its finest…ocean, beach sand, clear sky, love, camaraderie, playing with two large tortoise and waves.

Miracle of our Hosting Angels

Back to Columbo at the Ashram. Bless Krishnaveni for her Angelic way of being. We sat inside Swami Ramaiah’s cottage and had a heartfelt satsang for almost 2 hours.

I felt deeply connected with Babaji and how he through his hosting Angels took care of every little detail of the pilgrimage from the weather, to the delicious food, to the comfort of accommodation, to the spectacular sightseeing, to meaningful meditations, to my lovely roommate Monali, and my inspiring co-bus passenger Balaji, to the care and love by Krishnaveni, Vinod and Akhil.  Akhil with his gentle demeanour, sharp alertness was our passionate photographer capturing the whole journey and with love prepared a dvd with all the pictures before I left to the airport for my return journey.  With deep gratitude I am so grateful to Vinod for organizing and giving me the opportunity to participate from Bangalore.
Thank you Babaji for the gift and privilege of letting me experience and be part of the Sri Lankan Pilgrimage.

With gratitude and devotion,

Anita Krishna


~~Kriya Yoga- The Journey Home
By Bhumika Pandya, in India


The entire process of life and death and activities performed in-between makes me think about one very simple thing. ‘We are born only with our body and nothing else, and when we die, we don’t even take along our bodies, then what is the real reason, the real purpose behind being here?’

I have always believed that there is something more to life than practicing mundane activities. There has to be some catch in this play of life and death! Something, which can bring out the real purpose of life. My search for an answer led me to reading books on various Yogis of India, knowing their yogic techniques with the help of which they conquered even death! Research conducted on these Yogis by the best of International Universities further infused in me the faith in their techniques. Further exploration introduced me to Christ and his abundant love which is available for everyone, if only we are attuned to receive it. Devotion and fervor to realize the real purpose of life introduced me to Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.

The first initiation introduced me to very advanced yet simple-to-practice Kriyas. The only contribution required- total sincerity and discipline in practicing Kriyas regularly since the result is exactly proportional to how much is practiced. Acharyas are live examples of how one can transform his/ her life through Kriya Yoga. The energy, positivity, determination and act of unconditional service to all true seekers, are, but, very few of the qualities that can be captured about the Acharyas. Acharya Satyanandaji, the perfect guide to Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, is an inspiring example of the abundant possibility of transformation and spiritual development through Kriya Yoga. Getting initiated from him assured me that I am on the right path.

I have learnt very beneficial Yogic techniques from various organizations before. Yet, somehow, I failed to practice them on daily basis. Dedication was missing, which made me think if the same will happen this time as well. But Kriya Yoga was a different experience. After the first initiation, not a day has passed without practicing the Kriyas. In fact, when I deeply ponder, I realize that it is not me practicing the Kriyas. Rather, the practice has absorbed me into it. The Kriya has made me one with itself. Just as the way we breathe but we don’t realize the activity of breathing, in the same way the Sadhana just happens, without me realizing it to be taking place. It is so natural and effortless. Such a bliss! While practicing Kriyas has been a grace, many other things changed in time.

Kriya Yoga introduced me to some truths of life. We fail to realize that everything is temporary. Hence we get involved in the drama of life, forgetting ourselves. This leads to pain and misery. Kriya Yoga taught me to be in the TRUE state of awareness, Sat- Chit- Ananda. It also taught me to sincerely fulfill all duties and responsibilities, while being detached from it. Regularly remembering these facts helped me remain more aware and more peaceful, irrespective of the situation.

The benefits gained out of first initiation made me curious about what the second initiation has in store for me. The second initiation had an amplifying effect on my spiritual progress. It took me deeper into knowing my Real Self. It made me aware of my energies. So subtle, yet so strong! Such is the beauty of energies! Experiencing the wonders of the second initiation, I threw myself onto the feet of Babaji. Complete surrender. The ultimate ‘Swaha’ of the ‘self’ to know the ‘Self’. The result- sweet God- intoxication which encompasses me every minute, every second of the day.

If we have an eye for it, wondrous experience awaits us every moment. Shiva awaits us every moment. Reminding us, calling us through our very own breath - Va-Shi, to become one with him, to dissolve into nothingness.

Opportunity awaits everyone. Only if we choose to act upon it.

By connecting with Him, we connect with our Highest / True Selves. It is time to become one with Him in the ocean of happiness.




Bhumika Pandya




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