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Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga Streaming Video

with Durga Ahlund and Marshall Govindan, 2 hours and 5 minutes, in 20 segments. Price: USD$13.95.

Learn the 18 postures developed by Babaji Nagaraj and become aware of what is aware!

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SGD 11.70/-

Enlightenment: It's Not What You Think

by M. Govindan, ISBN 978-1-987972-01-6, 192 pages 6 x 9 inches, softcover June 2016.

Enlightenment: It's Not What You Think reveals how you can replace the perspective of the ego – the habit of identifying with the body, emotions, and thoughts – with a new perspective: the Witness, that of your soul … pure consciousness. With compelling logic, practices for everyday life, and guided meditations, the book explains how you can free yourself from suffering, enjoy inner peace, and find intuitive guidance.

The essays in this book explore the descriptions of enlightenment in various spiritual and wisdom traditions, the process of becoming enlightened, and how to overcome the inner obstacles to the achievement of that goal.

"With this work, Enlightenment, Govindan delivers the gifts of siddha masters to our doorsteps. 

Here, he delineates succinctly and clearly the time-tested techniques of these masters for eliminating obstacles—our deepest afflictions of fear, doubt, and all forms of grief and sorrow which obstruct the incessant flow of our intrinsic luminosity and happiness. Enlightenment is a must-read, for it is practical, simple, and meaningful… It is a decisive tool we can use for finding life’s purpose."

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph. D; Spiritual Head, Himalayan Institute; Teacher, author, humanitarian, and visionary spiritual leader

"True enlightenment is not simply an elevated state of mind but a complete change of consciousness from the limited ego to the supreme Self-realization in which we are one with all existence – extending to all time and space and beyond.

Marshall Govindan reveals the secrets of the Yoga Siddhas and their transformative practices to help you approach that supreme enlightenment as the ultimate goal of all that you do."

Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri); Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies; Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish Teacher; Padma Bhushan awardee from President of India; Author: Shiva, the Lord of Yoga and over thirty books

"This eminently practical guide to spiritual life draws deeply from many wells of wisdom, including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Kriya Yoga of Babaji, the writings of the Tamil Siddhas, the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, and the insights of contemporary studies of the brain.  Written in an accessible style, this book will help its readers understand the quest for higher meaning, and provides a toolbox to inspire wayfarers on this most important of journeys. Immensely enjoyable reading!"

Christopher Key Chapple; Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology and Director; Master of Arts in Yoga Studies; Loyola Marymount University.

"We all have within ourselves an innate and underlying quality of joy that’s always present, unchanging and available, no matter our inner or outer circumstance. So how is it, then, that we don’t experience unchanging joy in every moment? This is the critical and life-changing question that Marshall Govindan explores and implores us to understand, as well as realize in his book: Enlightenment: It’s Not What You Think. Marshall offers us a potent guide of exquisite teachings that offer us both simple and straightforward answers on how we can recognize, while revealing the obstacles that otherwise distract us from realizing our birthright of unchanging joy. This is truly a guidebook for all who wish to awaken beyond ego centeredness to open-hearted and everlasting peace."

Dr. Richard Miller, Ph. D; Author of Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga and iRest Meditation: Restorative Practices for Health, Resiliency and Well-Being

"Marshall Govindan’s latest book,  Enlightenment: It's not what you think, speaks of it as maintaining continuous (seamless, gapless) awareness of the underlying Reality, a state of being, rather than a state of thinking, a state of silence, which can be achieved by practising Kriya yoga, as experienced and taught by Kriya Babaji Nagaraj.   A “MUST BOOK”  for every yoga practitioner."

Dr. T.N. Ganapathy,  Ph. D.; Director, Tamil Yoga Siddha Research Centre; Ashoknagar, Chennai 600 083 Tamil Nadu, INDIA

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by M. Govindan       English - SGD 10.73/-, Tamil - SGD 7.31/-

Babaji & the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition

The first authoritative biography of Babaji, the immortal master made famous by Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, an all-time best seller. Babaji lives today near Badrinath, his body has not aged since the age of sixteen, when centuries ago he attained the supreme state of enlightenment and divine transformation. This followed his initiation into the scientific art of Kriya Yoga by two deathless masters, the Siddhas Agastyar and Boganathar, who belonged to the “18 Siddha Tradition”, famous among southern India. This rare account, by a longtime disciple, reveals their little known life stories, ancient culture and present mission, as well as how their Kriya Yoga can be used to bring about the integration of the material and spiritual dimensions of life. Clear explanations of the psychophysiological effects of Kriya Yoga and guidelines for its practice are given. It includes verses from the Siddhas’ writings with commentary. A book, which will inspire you. Available in English, Sinhala, Tamil or Hindi.


by M. Govindan       SGD 2.44-


These 18 asanas were selected by Babaji from among the thousands which exist to form an efficient system for rejuvenating the physical body and preparing it for the more subtle phases of his Kriya Yoga. The immortal Himalayan master is living proof of their effectiveness. Each asana has several stages, making them suitable for the beginner and experienced student. The asanas are also arranged in pairs, or counterposes, facilitating the relaxation stage following each asana. This guide is designed as a handbook, where in each stage in each asana is individually illustrated, and explained with easy to follow instructions. The numerous benefits of each asana in the healing and prevention of various functional disorders are also indicated. An introductory chapter explains the principles to follow in their practice. (32 Pages) Available in English, Sinhala, Tamil or Hindi.

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by Marshall Govindan and Jan Ahlund       SGD 11.70/-

Kriya Yoga Insights Along the Path

Part 1: The Dilemma of human existence: Finding lasting happiness in  things which do not last. Why Do We Practice Yoga? Karma: Cause or Consequence? Liking and Disliking: the Disease of the Mind. Doubts.. Part 2: Finding the spiritual path: Guru Purnima.  Aspiration.  Receiving the Grace of our Satguru Kriya Babaji Nagaraj. Discipleship or Devoteeship. The Significance of Initiation. What is Babaji's Kriya Yoga? The Art of Meditation. You and What You Are Not. By Contentment, Supreme Joy is Attained.  A Man's Home is His Ashram. Satsang. Sacred Space. Part 3: Making our life our Yoga: Moving towards equilibrium: Calmly Active, Actively Calm. What the World Needs Now is Love and Compassion. Judgment, or How to Avoid Harming others and Ourselves. Yoga as a Social Movement. All countries are my homeland and all persons are part of my family. Holy madness, Kundalini, Shakti pat and Ego-Crushing. How do we know whether we are progressing spiritually?  The  Yoga of the 21st Century. Tapas: Voluntary Self-Challenge. Samadhi.  Kaivalyam: Absolute Freedom. Sadhana of Life. Questions and answers. How should we concentrate in practicing mantras? How to balance internal and external focus, in order to optimize both? In Advaita Vedanta, one focuses only on the Self. Why do we have other points of   focus in Babaji's Kriya Yoga? How does Babaji's Kriya Yoga compare with the Kriya Yoga promoted by Yogananda and his successors? . (161 pages)

“It is up to us all to choose how we would like our future to be. In making that choice, it helps to know, understand and accept ourselves, our purpose, our passions, our talents, and how we want these to manifest.  A book that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to step into their Self/ Highest Potential is "Kriya Yoga: Insights Along The Path”, by Marshall Govindan and Jan Ahlund.
The book is a powerful companion for aspirants, practitioners or teachers alike, who are on a path towards expanded awareness, self realisation and personal mastery.  In most parts, its power is in the vast topics it covers in simple clear sincere and non-jargon and objective style. I particularly found nectar in Chapters 11 on Kaivalyadham and 12 on Sadhana of Life which encapsulated for me the questions of -
Why Yoga? Why Kriya Yoga? Why be / know WHO I AM? Once you have read it, you will know how valuable it is as an aid towards remembering Who I AM, and letting go of what I am not!"

by Marina Kapur, management consultant in the U.K.

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by M. Govindan       SGD 13.65/-

The Wisdom of Jesus and the Yoga Siddhas

This book provides a comparison between the original and most authentic teachings of Jesus, as exemplified in his parables and paradoxical sayings, and as determined by modern, critical historical research, with the remarkably similar teachings of the Yoga Siddhas. Who was Jesus? One of the most influential human beings of all times? The founder of Christianity? A messiah or savior sent by God to redeem humanity of its sins? What were His teachings? Is our knowledge of Jesus limited to what is recorded in the Bible? What has modern historical research to say about what Jesus did and taught? "What were the original teachings of Jesus, before the Christian religion became organized?"

With the discovery of many new source documents in the Sinai Desert and near the Dead Sea, and with the advent of modern methods of textual analysis by scholars who are independent of institutional bias, today most Biblical scholars will agree that the books of the Bible's New Testament are written at several levels of authenticity:

  • What were likely the actual words of Jesus, quoted in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, but recorded several decades afterwards.
  • What were likely interpolations - words attributed to Jesus by unknown sources.
  • What was said about Jesus or about His teachings by others, for example, Paul in his "letters," which make up most of the rest of the New Testament, and which served as the basis for early Church dogma.

More recently, the research of the Yoga Siddha Research Centre in Chennai, India, has brought out a series of books providing, for the first time, translation and commentary of the Yoga Siddhas, or "perfected" Yogis of India, who were contemporaries of Jesus. Their teachings and miraculous powers were remarkably similar to those of Jesus.

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by M. Govindan       SGD 9.75/-

Kriya Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are universally considered to be among the two or three most important texts in the field of yoga. Patanjali refers to his yoga as “Kriya Yoga”: the “yoga of action with awareness”. Until now, commentators have treated it as a philosophical reference, and have largely ignored its implications for yogic practice. They have also ignored the fact that it is also an esoteric work, and that only initiates, with sufficient prior experience, can grasp its deeper meaning. This new translation and commentary provides a practical guide to Self-realization or enlightenment. It clearly explains how to apply Patanjali’s profound philosophical teachings in everyday life, in any situation with a unique “practice” section after each verse’s commentary. When one practices the techniques of Kriya Yoga, it is like driving a powerful automobile. But without a roadmap, most students are “stuck in traffic” or at “dead ends.” Now for the first time, there is a clear roadmap to guide the student to remarkable destinations.

“ M. Govindan’s Kriya Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Siddhars is a valuable addition to the study of Yoga in general and the Yoga-Sutra in particular. I can wholeheartedly recommend it. In particular, the growing number of students of Kriya Yoga throughout the world will find his treatment indispensable, but others will benefit from it.”

From the foreword by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., author of The Sutras of Patanjali and the Encyclopedia of Yoga.

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by V.T.Neelakantan, S.A.A. Ramaiah and Babaji Nagaraj       English - SGD 23.40/-, Tamil - SGD 26.81/-

The Voice of Babaji

Sri V.T. Neelakantan recorded verbatim a series of talks given by Satguru Kriya Babaji in 1953. These are a fountain of delight and inspiration, illuminating the Kriya Yoga path towards God realization, unity in diversity and universal love. They also reveal the magnetic personality of Babaji and how he supports us all, with much humour and wisdom. They were originally printed in three volumes: "The Voice of Babaji and Mysticism Unlocked," "Babaji's Masterkey to All Ills, (Kriya)" and "Babaji's Death of Death (Kriya)." Includes the fascinating accounts of the meetings with Babaji in Madras and in the Himalayas by authors V.T. Neelakantan and Yogi S.A.A. Ramaiah. Out of print for nearly 50 years, they are profound and important statements from one of the world's greatest living spiritual masters. Available in English or Tamil

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by Jan "Durga" Ahlund and M. Govindan       SGD 10.73/-

Babaji's Kriya Yoga: Deepening Your Practice

ISBN 978-1-895383-64-5, 108 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, softcover with photographs and diagrams.

"This book provides detailed instructions, diagrams and photographs in the practice of a particular set of 18 Yoga asanas or postures, known as "Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga." The essays and instructions herein enable the practitioner to go beyond the development and health of the physical body, and to transform the practice of yoga asana into a spiritual practice, inducing a higher state of consciousness. Unlike earlier publications related to Hatha Yoga, this volume will show you how to transform your Hatha Yoga practice into a means for Self-Realization. It introduces students to the Five-fold Path of Babaji's Kriya Yoga. This book is dedicated to Yoga students new to Kriya Yoga and also to Initiated students looking to deepen their own practice."

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by Jan "Durga" Ahlund       SGD 18.04/-

The Yoga Toolbox

ISBN 978-1-895383-65-2. 234 pages, 7 by 9.5 inches, with over 200 black and white photographs.

This great book offers lessons in using simple tools to live a long, healthy and happy life. It is also written for those who wish to develop their understanding of Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and meditation can bring relief and promote healing from the effects of stress and bad habits on the physical body, the emotions and the mind.

Each of the sixteen chapters focuses on a different specific objective that will facilitate shaping your future life. The objectives include:

  1. gaining access to unlimited power;
  2. purifying the five bodies or sheaths;
  3. developing concentration through controlled breathing;
  4. becoming flexible in life, starting with the spine;
  5. connecting to “the inner sun” for self healing;
  6. bending forward into stress and change;
  7. removing tension and blockages in the joints;
  8. developing a strong nervous system;
  9. learning to bend backwards, digest and let go;
  10. reversing depression or sadness;
  11. stand up, be centered and act dynamically;
  12. developing deep, restful sleep;
  13. overcoming negative conditioning;
  14. mastering the art of meditation;
  15. using the power of mudras (psycho-physical gestures) to change your life;
  16. using Yoga-Nidra (deep relaxation and yogic rest) for Self awareness and to re-program your future.

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by Swami Vedananda       SGD 10.73/-

Kailash: In Quest of the Self

ISBN 978-1-895383-66-9, 245 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, softcover.

"This is a rare, spiritual adventure story by one dedicated monk who walked on foot over 300 miles through the mountains of India, Nepal and Tibet to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, the abode of the gods on earth".

Swami Vedananda gives us a vivid and honest portrayal of the physical, psychological and spiritual challenges which he had to overcome on this very difficult pilgrimage. He shares with us the insights that guided and prodded him on, and the extraordinary visions, experiences and profound teachings given to him by remarkable yogis, saints and gods, including a 700 hundred year old Siddha.

Swamiji grants us access to his meditations.

Numerous photographs and a map show us his way.

This book can be read on several levels. It is full of blessings.

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by T.N. Ganapathy, Ph.D.       SGD 9.75/-

Boganathar Volume 1

(350 pgs., includes Tamil verses, transliteration, translation, commentary, notes, glossary, 11 appendixes, bibliography, index)

Volume 1 narrates the life of Bogar and his teachings, Kundalini-Yoga, Astanga-Yoga, samadhi, and a translation and commentary of about seventy-five selected poems. By contemplating the verses, the conscious-energy of Boganathar may be absorbed, and their hidden meaning may be revealed.

Boganathar was the Siddha guru of Kriya Babaji Nagaraj, the famed Himalayan master, of whom much has been written. Boganathar lived an extremely long life through the use of alchemical rejuvenation formulae and special breathing techniques. He traveled all over the world, chronicled the lives of Siddhas much older than himself, and provided his disciples an illumined path to Self-realization and integral transformation of human nature into divinity. His astounding life provides a shining example of our human potential. The present work provides a biography of Boganathar, as we can glean it from his writings alone, as well as introductory chapters on the Siddha tradition and Kundalini Yoga. The present work also provides a translation and commentary of about seventy-five selected poems, which serious students of all traditions of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra will find illuminating. By meditating upon the verses, the reader will be able to draw much inspiration. The present work provides a word-by-word translation, with alternative meanings, as well as a literal translation, and finally an interpretative translation, to balance the need for precision and understanding and to facilitate a deeper meditative approach to the various layers of meaning of each verse.

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by T.N. Ganapathy, Ph.D.       SGD 23.40/-

The Yoga of Siddha Boganathar Vol. 2

(530 pgs., includes Tamil verses, transliteration, translation, commentary, notes, glossary, 6 appendixes, bibliography, index, 7 color photographs, 6’x9’ size)

Volume 2 contains the English translation with commentary of two works by Boganathar: (1) Initiation of wisdom, written in 156 verses which teaches all about pranayama, the description and significance of various cakras, and the process of Kundalini-Yoga, the 36 principles of existence, and above all the true meaning of muppal, the three empty spaces,  (2) The Cream of Wisdom, 45 verses, describes Kundalini-Yoga, pranayama, the ten types of empowerment, the 18 energized centers encircling the sahasrara, the method of liberation. Original Tamil language script, its transliteration in Roman characters, word by word translation, summary translation and commentary elucidating the meaning of each verse. ISBN 978-1-895383-26-3 contains 540 pages. 

Boganathar was the Siddha guru of Kriya Babaji Nagaraj, the famed Himalayan master. This volume 2 takes us further into the little known world of the Siddhas, adepts of Yoga, who for millennia, have explored the furthest reaches of human potentiality and spiritual development. Boganathar was not only one of the greatest adepts of Yoga of all time, but also a great scientist. For the first time ever, the writings of Boganathar, the greatest scientist of the Siddha tradition, have been translated into English, and a useful commentary on these profound and difficult texts has been rendered. The present volume contains poems that all lovers of Kundalini-Yoga and Tantra will find inspiring.

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SGD 35.56/-

The Yoga of Eighteen Siddhas

(640 pgs., includes Tamil verses, transliteration, translation, commentary, glossary, 11 appendixes, bibliography, index, 19 color illustrations, 6.5’x9.5’ size. Contributors: Prema Nandakumar, T.B. Siddhalingaiah, P.S. Somasundaram, KR. Arumugam, S.P. Sabharathnam, & edited by T.N. Ganapathy)

This collection contains selected verses from each of the 18 Siddhas, in the original Tamil, with transliteration, English translation and commentary.

The Yoga of the Eighteen Siddhas: An Anthology contains the revolutionary statements of those great men and women who have reached the furthest heights of human potential. The “Eighteen Yoga Siddhas” is a tradition referred to in the ancient Tamil language literature. Its illustrious members traveled all over the world, had extremely long lives and performed what most of us would consider being miracles. They did not like to be autobiographical, preferring to identify themselves with that deathless jivatma, being-consciousness-bliss. Consequently, they consciously changed bodies as easily as we change clothes, when necessary, laughing at the limitations of ordinary humans. They were not only mystics in the truest sense, but revolutionaries against human nature, and they envisioned and embodied Divinity, as a result of tremendous efforts of self-mastery and self-surrender to their God-head.They left behind their teachings in the form of poems, written on palm leaves, or edus. These works have been badly neglected by scholars to date because of the difficulty in deciphering them. The Siddhas wrote in what has been referred to as a “twilight language,” to obscure the meaning from all but the most sincere students, and prompting the reader to seek the deepest meaning within themselves. They provide a unique source of understanding of both the means and results of Kundalini-Yoga, a great esoteric art and science.

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by S.N. Kandaswamy      SGD 12.68/-

The Yoga of Siddha Avvai

(280 pgs., includes Tamil verses, transliteration, translation, commentary, notes, glossary, 2 appendixes, bibliography, index, 6’x9’ size)

Avvai is considered to be one of the most influential sages among the Tamil speaking people of south India. Her poems and literary works, dating from the first millennium of the modern era are recited by millions of Tamil speaking school children in south Asia to this day. The values and wisdom which her poems convey however, has a source. It is this source which the present volume, The Yoga of Siddha Avvai, sheds much new light upon with the inclusion of her text of Vinayakar Akaval. The author takes us on a literary, historical and spiritual tour of ancient Indian culture, and in so doing, helps us to understand her origins and greatness.

Like her illustrious forebearer, the Siddha Thiruvallavar, whose influence on Tamil culture and values, through his classic Tirukkural, is universally acknowledged; Avvai was also a Siddha Yogi. While Thiruvallavar was a disciple of Agastyar, and brother disciple of Babaji Nagaraj, the originator of Kriya Yoga, Avvai claims that her Guru was the sound of Aum, the Pranava itself, personified in the form of Ganesha, who taught her Kundalini-Yoga. Her poetry invokes the presence of the Guru, and then ignites within the reader the flame of spiritual consciousness. It also points to the esoteric practice of Kundalini-Yoga as the path that leads to enlightenment and God realization. Her’s is a wonderful example of arrupadai, the Siddha’s ideal of showing the path to others. If the purpose of human knowledge is to alleviate human suffering, then that knowledge or wisdom which eliminates suffering completely is the most valuable. Like all of the Siddhas, she shared her wisdom with this purpose. Their teachings are universal, non-sectarian, and very much needed in today’s suffering world. Students of Kriya Yoga, Kundalini-Yoga, Jnana, and Tantra as well as devotees of Ganesha (Vinayakar) and students of Tamil literature and culture will all find much insight and greater understanding of their path as a result of studying this volume. Readers familiar with Avvai’s moral sayings may be surprised to learn of the origins of her wisdom, and be inspired themselves to apply themselves to Yogic sadhana.

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by Dr. T.N. Ganapathy, Ph.D and Dr. KRA Arumugam, Ph.D       SGD 24.38/

The Yoga of Tirumular

This book fulfills a longtime need for a comprehensive introduction and commentary in the English language for one of Yoga's greatest source works: the Tirumandiram or “Holy Garland of Mantras,'described by Dr. Georg Feuerstein Ph.D “as important as the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga-Vashistha combined.” Tirumandiram is considered to be the greatest and earliest seminal work of the Siddhas, the greatest adepts of Yoga, and an encyclopedia of philosophical and spiritual wisdom rendered in verse form. It is a book of Yoga, tantra, alchemy, mysticism, mantra, yantra and philosophy. But without a commentary, it has been difficult for most English readers, unfamiliar with much of its underlying philosophical concepts, to clearly understand.

This new book explain clearly the most important themes and philosophical concepts which are woven throughout the Tirumandiram. These include: Saivism; the nature of Siva and the relationship which the soul or jiva has with the Lord; the philosophical school of Saiva Siddhantha ; the concepts of God, the soul, the world, liberation, the paths to liberation; the bonds or impurities which keep the soul in bondage; the concept of Grace; Love; meditation; jnana ; the Yoga of Tirumandiram: Astanga-Yoga, Khecari-yoga, Pariyana-Yoga (tantric yoga), Chandra-Yoga (literally “moon” yoga), Kundalini-Yoga; mysticism, the concept of the human body and its transformation into a divine body; the concept of the guru; the social concerns of the Tirumular. With an understanding of the basic ideas, the reader will then be stimulated to make a detailed study of the Tirumandiram itself.

It is the sixth publication in a series produced by scholars ot the Yoga Siddha Research Center, in Chennai, south India, sponsored by Babaji's Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas and the Yoga Research and Education Center. The present work benefits from the great familiarity which the authors have developed over many years of full time study of much of the massive body of palm leaf manuscripts written by the Siddhas.

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SGD 11.70/-

The Yoga of Tirumular

A Tamil language publication

The Treasure Trove of Tamil Yoga Siddha Manuscripts is a guide to more than thirteen thousand verses composed by Tamil Yoga Siddhars during the medieval Sangam period. These verses, available as palm leaf manuscripts, were recently collected, scanned, transcribed into modern Tamil and edited by an eminent team of scholars and manuscriptologists. The guide is a valuable resource, not only for lovers of Siddha poetry, but also for scholars, translators and researchers in the fields of Yoga and Tantra.

127 pages in the printed guide. All 13,276 verses on 1,677 pages are included in a compact disc inserted in the rear cover.

To help the reader identify each poem's subject matter, the guide contains an introduction and brief summary of each text by Dr. T.N. Pranatharthiharan, Ph.D. He is the former Professor and Head of the Tamil Research Centre, American College, Madurai, and currently the Principal of Swami Dayanandha College of Arts, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu. He has been the editor of the quarterly magazine Ramana Oli for 37 years. With an M.A. in Tamil, an M.A. in English an M.A. and Ph.D in Philosophy, along with the experience of translating 38 books from English to Tamil, Tamil to English and Sanskrit to English, he is well qualified to write this annotated bibliography of the poems in this collection.

The guide was edited by Dr. T.N. Ganapathy, Ph.D, the Director of the Yoga Siddha Research Project who headed the study to identify and preserve, in a computer accessible format, all of the palm leaf manuscripts of the Tamil Siddhars related to Yoga (but not medicine) from various libraries and private collections in South India. Dr. Ganapathy has also written an extensive foreword to the guide. There are additional annotations in the guide to make the contents of the manuscripts easily understandable. It is the eighth in a series of publications produced by the Project's scholars and by Babaji's Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas, an organization founded by Marshall Govindan who also sponsored the project.

The Yoga Siddha Research Center Publication Series No. 8


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SGD 5/-


Translation and Commentary by Dr. Geetha Anand Ph D. and Dr. T.N. Ganapathy Ph D.

“Who am I? Why am I here? How did I get here?” These are some of the questions that have been plaguing mankind since time immemorial.  Various attempts to answer these questions have led to the evolution of the religions and philosophies of the world.  The Tamil Siddhas or mystical saints from South India have answered these questions in the form of poems in vernacular that are popularly called Siddar Pādalgal or Songs of the Siddhas.  These songs are famous for their non-conforming and revolutionary ideas besides their bluntness and forthright directness.  One of the Tamil Siddhas, Sivavakkiyar is a well-known “pious rebel” who composed Truth Speaks (Civavākkiyam), a collection of around 530 verses on topics ranging from kundalini yoga to social issues.  The forceful clarity and absolute sincerity of these songs jolt people out of their intellectual rut and conventional thinking.  These songs criticize mindless worship rituals, ceremonies, pilgrimages and recitation of scriptures besides condemning social injustices such as discrimination based on caste and creed.   They explain the ultimate goal of life and teach us how to achieve it.  They also give practical instructions on kundalini yoga, mantra japa, the cakras and vāsi yoga.  The songs explain the nature of the body, the soul, how a soul adorns the body and how the mantra namacivaya correlates with everything in the manifested universe.  These songs show us that the philosophy of the Tamil Siddhas is a Philosophy of the Spirit which is not confined to any notion or nation, religion or community.  It is for the betterment of the entire human race.

We now present to you a complete translation of Civavākkiyam along with expert commentary on each of the verses.  We have posted a sampler of select verses from Civavākkiyam to give you a feel for the verses and the topics. Click here to view this sample.


by M. Govindan       SGD 4.88/-

How I Became a Disciple of Babaji

The inspiring story of a young man’s quest for God and Self-realization through ascetic trials in India and Sri Lanka, filled with adventure and difficulties, the author shares a rare story with unusual candor and courage. His inspiring story provides rare insights into a little known world. (100 pages, 38 photographs)

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2 Hours 5 Minutes by M. Govindan PAL DVD       SGD 12.68/-


Learn the 18 asanas developed by Babaji Nagaraj and become aware of what is aware! Become the Seer, not the Seen! Bliss arises! This unique instructional video provides careful detailed instructions in not only the technical performance and alignment of each asana, but also in the higher states of consciousness, which they awaken. It includes an introduction into the philosophy of yoga, the nature of consciousness and the cultivation of Self-awareness. Make your practice of yoga deeply meditative. In this beautiful video, the asana are taught in progressive stages, with preparatory variations making them accessible to the beginner and challenging for the experienced student of yoga. These asanas, selected by Babaji, will rejuvenate and energize you! The instructions emphasize the energetic and relaxation effects. They may assist in the healing and purification of the physical and subtle bodies, thus helping to eliminate some of the most common sources of misery: poor health and mental confusion.


60 Minutes, DVD       SGD 12.68/-


In this one hour complete dvd course you will learn a progressive series of safe and easy-to-do exercises which will massage the abdominal organs and in particular promote the development of the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. Developed by the Board certified urologist Dr. Emilia Ripoll-Bunn, and veteran Yoga Therapist Dawn Mahowald for people with diabetes, this video course is based upon extensive research in both sports medicine and Indian clinical faculties. The journal of the American Diabetes Association’s medical advisory board recommends regular, gentle exercise and has stated that this type of exercise reduces insulin requirements. Two advanced sections on this video are especially recommended for diabetic children to reduce the side effects of diabetes.

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The Mantra album "Om Kriya Babaji - Stuti Manjari" contains a collection of Mantras of Kriya Babaji and devotional songs to Kriya Babaji and Mataji. They are sung in the famous Karnatik style of India's classical music tradition. Some of the Mantras are composed and dedicated uniquely to Kriya Babaji, some of them are well-known mantras of India.

The goal of the artist was to bring these wonderful mantras to the heart and lips of devotees and students of Kriya Babaji all over the world.

May you enjoy the blessings and presence of Kriya Babaji through listening to and chanting these sacred sounds.

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The Mantra album "Om Kriya Babaji - Stuti Manjari" contains a collection of Mantras of Kriya Babaji and devotional songs to Kriya Babaji and Mataji. They are sung in the famous Karnatik style of India's classical music tradition. Some of the Mantras are composed and dedicated uniquely to Kriya Babaji, some of them are well-known mantras of India.


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Devotional Songs and Chants from the Kriya Yoga Tradition

By M. Govindan, 45 minutes.

Enjoy these beautiful traditional songs and chants sung by M. Govindan. Cultivate Kriya Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion. They include the following songs:


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Awakening from the Dream CD

By M. Govindan and Salvador Candel, 58 min. Music to inspire you!

Awakening from the Dream reveals both the way and thy result of the inner journey beyond the turbulent movements of the mind. M. Govindan, author of "Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition", and Salvador Candel, the extraordinary Spanish composer of the "Musica Magica" series of CD's, recorded this very original and moving music in Valencia, Spain. When the tears begin to fall, so will the veils hiding your inner vision!

"I have purchased "Awakening from the Dream" which whisks the soul right up into the glorious heaven worlds. I play it over and over and over. Just never tire of the exquisite songs."



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